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Vlog: Kalachandji’s & Spiral Diner

We want to put yall on some good Vegan food in Dallas! So follow along as we show you a new and “oldie but goodie” restaurant we frequent. Veganism does not have to be so hard.
*Note: please do not eat this type of food on a daily basis. 90% of our diet consists of vegetables, grains, and fruit. We cook our meals during the week and have fun eating out on the weekends. It’s called BALANCE!



Eating Out While Vegan

Hey guys! Is it just me or do you sometimes get a craving to eat out, even when you’ve meal prepped for the week?..No?…Oh ok, well I get the craving all the time lol and although I don’t eat out all the time, when I get the craving I want something GOOD! Yesterday my sister and I was trying to figure out where we could go while eating vegan. It hasn’t been too difficult for us to eat out so below I just wanted to let you know how we stay vegan while eating out!

Tip #1: Look online/Do research

I’m not going to lie; it does take a little bit more time to pick a place to eat-especially when you are vegan AND gluten sensitive, but you can do it! You will find that there are options out there. Do not set yourself up for failure. Go ahead and look online or call the restaurant and see if they have vegan or vegetarian options that you can turn vegan. Also I suggest finding a few “go-to” restaurants that are near you. Places that you know you can get something vegan in a cinch. For us we found that our go to will be Chipotle. We also like using Yelp to find restaurants that are all vegan and vegetarian. Spiral Diner is the best!


Vegan, Gluten Free Pizza from Mellow Mushroom
Chipotle has a great online diet and nutritional tool where you can separate your options by if you are vegan, vegetarian, wheat free, gluten free, or dairy free. I was so excited to see this (makes life sooooo much easier!) I wish other restaurants did this. Below is a burrito bowl-we just added our own vegan cheese!

Did you know that Papa John’s pizza base is vegan. Pick a veggie pizza without cheese and viola! Also ask for their garlic dipping sauce. It’s also vegan! Who would have known???

Tip #2: If you like Mexican food, Thai, or Asian food; you are good to go!

You can easily turn almost any of these cuisines into vegan meals…At Mexican restaurants corn tortillas, rice, guacamole, beans are all naturally vegan. So dig in!

Thai foods you can easily make vegan as well. The entrees usually have an option for tofu instead of meats

In Asian cuisine, they usually cook with a lot of vegetables. They even have vegetable sushi.

Tip #3: Order sides

There have been several times where our friends have invited us out to places that doesn’t necessarily have vegan options. If you are not wanting to always eat salads-order sides! Believe it or not french fries are vegan. All menus usually have sides that consist of vegetables. Make a plate full of sides and enjoy yourself with your friends.

Although we don’t eat out too often, when we do, we still enjoy ourselves while sticking with our vegan lifestyle. And its quite thrilling finding places that you thought you could not eat at, but realize that you can. We have only been vegan for almost 2 months so of course it is still a learning experience for us, but we are getting better and better at finding new ways to eat.

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Where Have I Been???

I’m Back!!!! Hey guys, I have been soooo mia regarding my blog. And to be honest, I do not have an excuse. Of course I have been busy with work (that’s a given), but I’ve always been busy with work and still made time to blog. Anyway, I am back and have grown and evolved since the last time I blogged.

First off, Happy New Year everyone! I hope you guys had a fantastic 2015! New year, new goals, new beginnings. I actually accomplished almost everything, in some form,  that was on my vision board for 2015. I am ready to keep progressing and keep growing in 2016.

I have several interesting posts that I am excited to share with you guys (interesting to me at least). You all know how my sister and I love changing our eating habits and like to try different things regarding health and fitness. Well…we are vegan now! It has been so exciting and an eye-opener so far and of course I will take you all with me on this journey! Look back on my old posts to see everything we have done:) GM Detox , Whole 30, Meal Prep Ideas.

My hair has grown sooo much. Even though I don’t think it has grown as fast as I want it to grow; I look back at pictures and realize how much it has really grown. I did already hit my 1 year anniversary at the beginning of January. So far I have been protective styling like crazy in hopes to leave my natural hair alone and let it grow.

Again, I blog to look back at what I have done and see the progression of my life. I love to share my journeys and hopefully I am helping you all with your different journeys.

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#DallasGoodEats | April 2015

Hello lovelies!

I’ve totally been slacking on writing blog posts…sad day 😦 

But April has been filled with delicious Dallas finds:) First up…SouthPaw’s Organic Grill.

…for the health conscious. Located in Uptown: 3227 McKinney Ave Dallas, Tx. Combined with their organic and natural foods, no added sugars, syrups, nitrates, or preservatives, and patio seating, SouthPaw’s is a great spot to grab lunch. I had the Pavo Guacamole Wrap which has turkey, Swiss cheese, mixed greens, tomatoes, and spicy guacamole. Delish!

Next, for the not so health conscious… Funnel Cake Paradise, located 4353 Ln Dallas, Tx.

Ever had a craving for carnival food???…now you do not have to wait till the fair opens. Funnel Cake Paradise has an array of delicious funnel cake flavors (cherry, turtle chocolate caramel, powered sugar, caramel apple, strawberry banana, chocolate dream, and cookies and cream). They also have other carnival classics like frito pies, chili cheese fries, nachos, and corn dogs. My sis and I shared the turtle chocolate caramel with a scoop of vanilla ice cream…can you say yummy!!! And even better it is a black owned business.

Another “black owned business” is Sweet Georgia Brown. I’ve heard so many great things about this place that I had to try it for myself. It definitely did not disappoint. Located 2840 Ledbetter Dr Dallas, Tx. If you are looking for that “stick to your bones” after church soul food, look no further! Be prepared to stand in a long line, but also be prepared eat some really good food. They are very generous with their portions so please come on an empty stomach. My sis and I shared baked smothered chicken, macaroni and cheese, cabbage, cornbread, and peach cobbler. That is all we could eat for the entire day and we shared! How ridiculous is that!? 


Oddfellows  is located in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas. 316 7th St Dallas, Tx. We went on a sunny midweek day. If you didn’t know I LOVE BRUNCH FOOD! Oddfellows has a rustic coffee house feel. So bright and cheery! Beignets for breakfast, don’t mind if I do!:)

Last but definitely not least, Rudys Chicken. Here’s another place that has a huge Dallas following. Located in Oak Cliff, Rudys is a Dallas staple. I do think it is hyped up, but it is still delicious! 

My sis and I eat healthy throughout the week, so we like to go out and enjoy ourselves every once in awhile. I have been loving these new Dallas finds, its like an adventure to us; exploring our city for the next great restaurant. It’s like we are tourist in our own city:) 

What have u been eating in your city???

#DallasGoodEats: Spiral Diner & Bakery

Guys! I have to tell you about this awesome place I went to yesterday. You know how I have raved about Jonathon’s in Oak Cliff, right? Check #DallasGoodEats:Jonathon’s for review. Well right next door to Jonathon’s is a place called Spiral Diner & Bakery. It is a 100% vegan and mostly organic restaurant that serves food that appeals to both herbivores and carnivores. It is located on 1101 N. Beckley Avenue Dallas, Texas near the Bishop Arts District.


I was trying to find a “cheat day” place where I could eat out but still feel like I am eating healthy foods and BINGO I found it! Their food is so good! They serve foods like nachos, quesadillas, burgers, wraps, and salads; all vegan of course. I couldn’t believe it was all vegan though because it was so tasty. I got the Hot Hummus wrap. My sister got quesadillas and my best friend got the quinoa with black beans dinner.


And did I mention they serve organic ice cream with their homemade desserts! My sister and I shared the turtle brownie.


This place is a must try! You don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian to enjoy the foods here. This will definitely be a place I frequent when I want to eat out. Check Yelp for more reviews and pictures!


Until next time,


Food Prep Sundays

Simple, Simple, Simple is what I strive for when I food prep.

For breakfast I made overnight oats. (See “Overnight Oats”) This was made with oats, cinnamon, blueberries, bananas, strawberries, almond milk, and plain Greek yogurt. Very simple and I used the left over fruit to eat as a snack and with my lunch.

For lunch I made some cheese quesadillas. I melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese on top of a spinach tortilla. The quesadilla will be accompanied with sliced tomatoes, fruit, and air-popped popcorn.

For snacks I pre cut all the fruit I got for the week. This week I bought grapes, apples, bananas, oranges, blueberries, and strawberries. I will either eat this on top of yogurt and granola, by itself, or with peanut butter.

I also made some homemade granola and granola bars for a quick snack. (See “Homemade Granola Bars” for preparation).

The only food prep I did for dinner was thaw the fish in the refrigerator. I will be preparing dinner the day of. For dinner I plan on cooking fish, black beans or brown rice, with a salad.

Total spent at grocery store: $44.03

#HDOTW: Healthy Dinner of the Week

Hello lovlies!

I thought of this blog post because I know I am always looking for easy, healthy dinner ideas and I know there are more of you out there who are looking for inspiration as well. I will start doing these posts to give you ideas on what you can eat for dinner if you are trying to eat healthy.

As you all know, I food prep at the beginning of the week and eat the same meal for almost the entire week. This week’s dinner is a whole avocado, tomato slices, quinoa, and kidney beans. (p.s I add sriracha sauce to everything so I have a lil on my avocado) This meal is so easy to prepare and it is surprisingly fulling. Try it out! It is so delicious.

HDOTW food