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After Christmas Snapback | What We Eat in a Day as Vegans

Happy Holidays Everyone! I really do hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. I don’t know about you all, but I am ready and excited for 2017. Check Instagram @betternpairs for what my sis and I ate for Christmas and @sosweet_ash to see what my goals are for the new year. Lets all keep each other accountable this year so that we can all reach our goals.

The after holidays snapback is real. If you are anything like me, it is so hard to get back on track after the holidays, but when I say this is a lifestyle I wasn’t kidding. I am so ready to get back in the swing of things and sometimes you just need that inspiration to get you going. Maybe this will be your inspiration to get back in shape. Please watch what we will be doing after Christmas to get our snapback.

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I Can Eat That Too!

“What do you eat,” “I can’t go without meat,” “You can’t eat anything…” I’ve heard it all, but guess what?…I can eat everything you can eat if you think about it. I saw a picture on Instagram that inspired me to write this post. It said “Anything you can eat, I can eat vegan.” So true! In this post I want to compile several foods I’ve been enjoying even while eating out. By the way, when I eat out, it isn’t necessarily the healthiest thing on the menu. I eat healthy everyday so when I eat out its a treat for me. Oh and if this turns into a mini restaurant review, please forgive me…I’m still amazed at how a lot of restaurants are catering to vegans also 🙂

No Eggs, No problem!

Brunching is my favorite! I love breakfast food any time of day! Although it has been a little difficult finding new places where I can enjoy breakfast foods, the key is finding a few places where you know you can enjoy. I’ve mentioned this in a previous post Eating Out While Vegan .

I can still eat pancakes and waffles…


Spiral Diner! My go-to vegan restaurant. They serve breakfast all day and their pancakes are to die for! So fluffy and so flavorful. Just like the “normal” pancakes that I loved…actually even better:)
Homemade Waffles. With networks like Youtube, Pinterest, and the web, you can find tons of cruelty free recipes.
Cereal w/ non diary milk. Weather it be almond, coconut, or soy milk…you can still have your fav cereal.
Pizza, Sushi, Burger Cravings???…no problem

Pizza from Papa John; Order a veggie pizza w/o cheese! Suprisingly sooooo good!
Pizza from Mellow Mushroom. If you must have cheese..they have daiya cheese (vegan cheese) made of cassava and arrowroot. Has similar taste and texture as cheese. I have come to love vegan cheese.

I love sushi! When I heard Blue Sushi has an array of vegan friendly sushi…I was sold! My new fav. sushi spot!
Burrito Bowl from Chipotle! Did you know Chipotle has tofu. Its called Sofritas!
Now yall know how I feel about my dessert…I can still have that too!

Omg…these brownie cheesecakes from Reverie were DELICIOUS
A vegan red velvet cupcake from Sprinkles. I’m not gonna lie I ate 2 of these mugs…They were so good!


So you can see; it’s not as hard as you think to go vegan. Yea you have to do a little research and plan your meals, but it has been worth it for me. I do sometimes get frustrated with some restaurants who charge extra or simply don’t have options because it makes me feel like I’m different. More and more people are becoming vegan and places need to recognize this and get with the program…ok ok enough of my soap box lol but I am enjoying those places who has embraced veganism.

#WhatVegansEat #2

Hello hunnies! How is everyone? I hope you all had a very productive week! I always love watching “What I Eat In A Day” videos on YouTube. Today that’s practically all I did lol- Binged watched food diaries and videos. They always give me inspiration to try new things and also motivation to keep eating healthy. So I thought I would write a blog about what I ate today. Today was a good food day! Packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and healthy fats!

Meal #1: Dairy Free Yogurt w/ fruit and chia/hemp seeds


Meal #2: Mashed Sweet Potato, Mixed Veggies, Avocado, w/ Nutritional Yeast sprinkled on top


Meal #3: Spinach, Chickpeas, Peppers, Hemp Seeds


Snack #1: 2 Rice Cakes w/ PB2 and walnuts and cinnamon


Snack #3: Almonds


Yay for What I Eat In A Day blogs! Who else loves these kinds of blogs and YouTube vids???


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Going Vegan??? #WhatVegansEat

Yes! Out of all the things we have tried….my sister and I decided to go vegan. I know, I know this is totally different and to some may be extreme, but you have to understand this lifestyle before you knock it.

We have been vegan for a little less than a month and it has been very exciting.

I’m not gonna lie, sometimes the struggle can be real! You know we love our sweets and that has been the hardest. No dairy, No meats. No fish. On top of that, we cannot have gluten in our diet. We have always been gluten sensitive. Although we do not have Celiac Disease (or so I don’t think we do), we get strong lower abdominal pains and sometimes it would get so strong that we would feel pain in our chest! Another symptom was getting extremely bloated. A horrible feeling. Everything seems like it either has dairy or gluten in it, but we have figured out ways to get around this. I will write another post about this later.

This post, however is what we are eating this week.

Meal #1: I have said this a million times before. Oatmeal is my all time favorite breakfast! And I am relived that I can still enjoy my oatmeal on this vegan, no gluten diet. I add protein powder, ,bananas, peanut butter, and granola or flaxseed/chia seeds to my oatmeal. So delicious!


Meal #2: Mushroom, Sweet Peppers Corn Tortillas.


Meal #3: Cauliflower “Fried” Rice w/ Sweet Potato.


Snacks will include pears, kiwi, homemade granola, almonds, veggies/hummus

I will drink protein water, add nutritional yeast and hemp seeds to add protein to my day.

We have incorporated supplements so that we get enough nutrients: Iron, probiotic, Vitamin D, and B12 pills are apart of our everyday routine

I will eventually make a separate post on recipes, how we are maintaining this lifestyle, and new foods/finds.

Any other vegans out there? What are some tips you can give a newbie???

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Where Have I Been???

I’m Back!!!! Hey guys, I have been soooo mia regarding my blog. And to be honest, I do not have an excuse. Of course I have been busy with work (that’s a given), but I’ve always been busy with work and still made time to blog. Anyway, I am back and have grown and evolved since the last time I blogged.

First off, Happy New Year everyone! I hope you guys had a fantastic 2015! New year, new goals, new beginnings. I actually accomplished almost everything, in some form,  that was on my vision board for 2015. I am ready to keep progressing and keep growing in 2016.

I have several interesting posts that I am excited to share with you guys (interesting to me at least). You all know how my sister and I love changing our eating habits and like to try different things regarding health and fitness. Well…we are vegan now! It has been so exciting and an eye-opener so far and of course I will take you all with me on this journey! Look back on my old posts to see everything we have done:) GM Detox , Whole 30, Meal Prep Ideas.

My hair has grown sooo much. Even though I don’t think it has grown as fast as I want it to grow; I look back at pictures and realize how much it has really grown. I did already hit my 1 year anniversary at the beginning of January. So far I have been protective styling like crazy in hopes to leave my natural hair alone and let it grow.

Again, I blog to look back at what I have done and see the progression of my life. I love to share my journeys and hopefully I am helping you all with your different journeys.

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GM Detox | Getting Back on Track

Hello sweeties! Long time no post.

I wanted to share this new detox I am currently doing. I’m still all about that fit/healthy life, but I’m not gonna lie, I fell off a little bit. To get back on track I searched Pinterest and found this 7 day detox. It seemed easy enough…let’s see if I’ll be saying that by the end of the detox lol!

This detox claims to help you lose 10-17 lbs in a week. I didn’t think it sounded like the healthiest way to lose weight, but I’m honestly just doing it to get back on track. If I lose weight, great. I needed something that would get rid of all the toxins and junk I was putting in my body. Something that would reset my way of thinking and I thought the GM Detox fit the bill.

Below is the day by day chart of what you eat.

gm diet
My Experience

Day 1: Fruit Day! I really thought this was going to be an easy day because I love fruit. It wasn’t as easy as I thought. Throughout the day I was fine…I think mainly because I was at work and didn’t have time to think about it. When I got home I started to feel the hunger pains. I tried to work out but just did a little bit. I thought to myself, the faster I get to sleep, the less I could think about how hungry I was. I also tried to drink a lot of water with each meal. By the end of the day I was tired of going to the restroom.

Breakfast: 1 apple | Mid Morning Snack: 1 plum | Lunch: Fruit salad(peaches, strawberries, grapes) | Dinner: grapes, clementine | Snack : strawberries, grapes | Drink: 3 -16 oz water

Day 2: Vegetable Only Day! Breakfast time was fine. I had a few fingerling potatoes with a side of other vegetables that filled me up pretty well. By lunch, I was starving and tried to snack on raw carrots between bigger meals. I’m personally not a raw carrot eating person, so this was difficult for me. Raw carrots seemed to be the only “snackable” vegetable I could think of. Veggie day was hard for me. Surprisingly, I was craving fruit.

Breakfast: potatoes/mixture of vegetables | Snack: raw carrots | Lunch: mixture of vegetables | Dinner: mixture of vegetables

Day 3: Fruits and Vegetables. Today we are not allowed to eat bananas, but I needed something more substantial. I cheated and ate a banana for breakfast. It helped me get through this day. I felt good by day 3. This day was easy because I could have both vegetables and fruit which meant more substantial meals.

Breakfast: bananas/strawberries | Lunch: vegetables/clementine | Dinner: vegetables/peach/half apple

Day 4: Bananas and Milk. The start of this day went by smoothly. I ate a whole banana for breakfast with some water. At lunch I cut up 2 bananas and put it inside some almond milk, sprinkled with cinnamon. It was delicious, but by the end of day 4, I was over it lol. Here’s where it got tricky. It was one of my co workers birthday and we went out this night. I had 1 drink. The detox was over.

Breakfast: Banana | Lunch: 2 bananas/almond milk | Dinner: 2 bananas/peanut butter(don’t think you are allowed pb:( ) | Drink: “Sex on the Beach” 😦

Me and My Sister’s Results:

My sis did not lose much weight either, but looks more toned!
My sis did not lose much weight either, but looks more toned!
Although I didn't lose much weight, I lost inches and fat!
Although I didn’t lose much weight, I lost inches and fat!

I’m human. I ended the detox early, but this was a very interesting learning experience. I learned that I do have the will power to avoid fatty, junky food that my job is always putting in front of me. I learned that when I set my mind to something, no matter how hard, I can get through it.

Detoxing, for me at least, is not about losing weight. It is about challenging yourself mentally and being strong enough to say “no” to certain foods. I am now ready to get back in the groove of things with my healthy eating habits and food prepping. I highly recommend doing this detox with a family member or friend because you will need someone to vent to lol.

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Whole 30 | Last Week Update and Thoughts/Results

Hello lovelies ❤

It has been about 30 days since starting the Whole 30 challenge and I have learned a lot!

Although this last week was a fail, I am going to continue incorporating the things I ate and learned from this challenge. This last week was a struggle, not because I had cravings, or couldn’t stick to it, but because of the weather. Surprisingly, Texas had ice days and snow days. I work at a hotel and hotels don’t get “snow days.” We have to be at work regardless. I ended up having to spend the night at the hotel 3 nights out of the week with no food prep items or healthy snacks with me. Sad day:(

“Non-Scale Victories”

  • Bloating went down tremendously
  • Learned what to look for in restaurant menus when trying to eat healthy
  • Gained a deeper appreciation of trying new vegetables and foods
  • Learned how to cook with alternative ingredients like coconut oil for butter or sweetening things, coconut milk to add creaminess, cashews and almonds instead of peanuts
  • Definition of muscles deepened
  • Menstrual Cycle shortened; minimum to no menstrual pain
  • Clear skin

Above are some of the things I experienced during the Whole 30 challenge. I weighed myself just once during the entire 30 days because losing weight was not my goal. I will say I did experience weight loss during the challenge. Pinterest and searching for the whole30 hashtag on Instagram really helped me get through this challenge.

If you want to step up your fitness/healthy lifestyle, I recommend doing this Whole 30 challenge and incorporating all the things you learn to your everyday. Visit Whole 30 to learn more about the Whole 30 challenge. Living a healthy lifestyle is an everyday learning experience. You will have your ups and downs but overcoming the downs is what keeps me going.

Stay healthy! Your body will thank you!


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