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Being Superwoman

Late night  thoughts…

I recently just finished reading Pink Lips & Empty Hearts. What a great book! I am now starting a new journey on growing closer to God and really living in a way that is not of this world but uplifting Him in all that I do. This post is inspired by one of the chapters in the book.

Being a woman can get hard sometimes. We want to be involved in EVERYTHING. “Superwoman Complex” is what I call it. We may want to climb the ladder at work, start our own business, lead the family, be involved in the community, pursue higher education and so on and so on….

At times it can get overwhelming, but in order to be involved while putting your best foot forward, you need take a step back and re-energize. Below are things that has really helped me get over that overwhelming, overworked, tired, stressed out, and out of balanced feeling.

  1. Pray Seriously, praying and talking to God has really gotten me through rough times. Call on Him, tell Him how you feel, and don’t be afraid to tell Him what you want. Often times we get so involved in work or a project that we forget the #1 reason we are here on this earth; that is to serve and uplift God. Venting to God, raw and un-cut is not a bad thing.
  2. Learn to say ‘no’ Yes, we are superwoman, but sometimes we need to learn to say no. In order to put your best foot forward, you may not be able to do EVERYTHING. Learn to turn down some projects.
  3. Exercise Exercising is known to release endorphins which releases stress. Take some time to care for yourself. When I exercise I am focused on the exercise that I am doing, not the million things I have to get done that day. 
  4. Me time go shopping, have a spa day, cook…do anything other than the work that is stressing you. I personally have a pamper me day where i wash my hair, put a face mask on, light candles, and paint my nails. So relaxing. I also like to get out the house for a bit. I go to the Dollar Tree, CVS, or the thrift store–somewhere where I won’t spend a ton of money but where I can spend a little on myself.
  5. Cry sometimes all you need to do is cry it out. After I have a cry session and talk to God(remind yourself that God is leading you) I honestly feel renewed and ready to conquer whatever I need to do.

I don’t know about you, but I want to always put my best foot forward and be the best I can be. Sometimes we just need to take a step backwards, breathe, and take some time out for ourselves. 

What are some things that you guys do to re-energize???

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Do I See Myself As Others See Me?

Something I wanted to get off my chest…

Often times I sit in the mirror sucking in my stomach, critiquing my body, examining my face. I can get so caught up in the superficial things of life and wander why some days I feel low.

I think we all can get that way sometimes, but the time to stop that way of thinking is NOW.

Do I see myself as others see me?…who cares what others think??? Keep striving to be the best person you can be. Do you!

No more will I compare myself with others.

I am perfect being not perfect. No one is perfect. Everyone wishes they had something bigger, better and the matter of it all is that we are all perfect just being who we are now. Love yourself in the now! Of course we can work on good eating habits, work on building skills, or improve on being a better person, but don’t fault yourself in how you are right at this moment.

Change the way you think about yourself with the change of the new year while the hype of change is still in the air.

I will eat that cupcake without regret.

I will be fine with treating myself every now and then.

I will love who I’m looking at in the mirror.

2015 will be the year I except me and my flaws. The year of loving myself and knowing I offer more to the world than I think I do.

I am perfect how am now.

2015 Vison Board Party


Last night I got together with some friends to really think and formulate our goals for the upcoming year. We sipped on some wine, listened to some music, and enjoyed each others company while preparing for 2015. We are ready for a glorious, joyous year; can’t wait to see what blessings bloom.

I have dubbed 2015 The Year of Exploration. For me I want to read more, research more, explore more. I want to travel, learn, and discover. My focus is stepping out of my comfort zone regarding personal, family, work, health, spiritual, and wealth aspects of my life. I am ready to explore what I am capable of and grow to become a well-rounded individual. Let the journey begin…

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What are your 2015 Goals???

Tis The Season?

Good Morning lovelies!

This time of year is suppose to be filled with joy and happiness, right? Unfortunately, lately I have been feeling sad and discouraged. One day I am the happiest person, then the next I would be lonely and defeated. That’s life, huh? Thankfully, when I get this way I have more happy days than not. I believe in Faith and believing that all things happen for a reason. I won’t make this a long post, I just wanted to share some quotes/verses that has helped me get out of the funk I’m in.

1. “Be strong because things will get better. It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever”

2. “Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life”

3. “This too shall pass”

4. “When life is rough PRAY, When life is great PRAY”

5. “Stand in faith even if you are having the hardest time of your life”

The sorority I am in (Zeta Phi Beta) is currently doing a challenge which includes taking some time out of your day to pause. Stop working, stop watching TV, stop eating, stop everything to just reflect and meditate. Spend that time talking to God, pray, and listen to what He has to say. This challenge came right in the nick of time. It has helped me out tremendously.

I hope this post motivates and encourages someone out there. Happy Thursday guys:)