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Where Have I Been???

Hello hunnies ! Long time no post. 

I have been super busy at work and life but I have missed blogging for sure.

I just wanted to get on here and do a quick update on random stuff.

My current favs: Almond Chia Candle from Marshalls

  Smells so good!!! I suck at describing scents; you just have to try it! I never knew what great variety of candles Marshalls have but they actually have a lot. 

I also picked up this tea from Marshalls: Saffron Tea

  It says it’s a diet tea, but I’m not using it as that. I just love the taste of it. It reminds me of cinnamon gum. I am starting to love flavored teas and this one didn’t disappoint-so comforting to end my night with this tea.

Another update is that I have started journaling. I learn so much throughout the day, hear or see some awesome quotes, or inspired by random things; I would like to write these things down and remember them. 


Quick Hair Update: My hair is growing nicely. It’s only been a little over 2 months since I big chopped, but I can feel and see the difference. I have been washing/co washing once every week and doing the inversion method one week out of the month. I am currently protective hairstyling with my very first DIY wig!



Fitness Update: I have been working out everyday. Even if it hasn’t been more than 30 min, I still make sure I do some kind of physical activity. I will admit I have been slacking on my healthy eating, but what is a journey without ups and downs?


Currently Reading: One of my 2015 goals is to start reading. I love reading but never really made time for it. It is important to me to keep learning, and to keep expanding my creativity. Books help me with that. I am current,y reading Pink Lips and Empty Hearts by Heather Lindsey. This book is an inspirational book on how to really live for God. I love it. I am definitely at a time in my life where I strive to get closer to God and it is time for that extra push. 


On My Nails

  Not the neatest but it will do for now.

What’s been up with yall???? 

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Friday Fabulous Favs!


I have been really loving the products listed below this week and couldn’t wait to show yall.


Friday Favs

Green Tea: Soooo yeaaaa green tea is the bomb. Green Tea has so many benefits. A few are listed below.

Hair Health-It stimulates the growth of the hair and reduces hair fall. Green tea also makes hair shiny and smooth.

Weight Loss-Green tea helps increase your metabolism

Good Heart Health-Cholesterol is a disease that green tea combats. The tea contains so many antioxidants.

Clearer Skin-The tea helps clear up acne

I add just a little bit of honey and it just soothes me after a long day of work.

$3 Walmart Candles(Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla): Omg, these candles smell delicious and are perfect for this time of year. Plus they are a huge size with 3 wicks. Who else loves candles?

Glitter Nail Polish: Sparkles just scream the holidays so I have been really digging these sparkly nail polishes.

BH Cosmetics 12 Piece Brush Set: I ordered these off Amazon. You get 12 fabulous brushes for eyes and face. Fantastic quality and so soft. I’m in love! An added bonus is they are in this girly berry color.

They come in this adorable faux croco clutch!
They come in this adorable faux croco clutch!

FullSizeRender (5)

Last but not least… Cozy Robe: My dad got me this robe from Target. It is sooo soft and is perfect for the colder weather Texas has been getting. Right after I get home from work I take off my work clothes and slip on this bad boy.

FullSizeRender (4)

Have a great weekend lovelies!!!

2014 September Obsessions!

Goodbye September…hello October. Although I absolutely love September (my birthday month! and the start of Fall), I love October as well.

October means cooler days, fall fashions, breast cancer awareness, and brown and gold leaves…

I had a few favorites for September. Comment below if you’ve tried some of these products!

#1 Obsession: Revlon’s ColorStay Gel Envy in the color “Hold Em”

This new product from Revlon is suppose to resemble gel nails without the use of light. The color  “Hold Em” is perfect for autumn. It is a purpleish color with a brown undertone. When I purchased mine at WalMart I didn’t see the top coat so I just have the nail color. It didn’t get the gel effect probably because I didn’t get the topcoat that goes with it, but let me tell you…it is still lasting on my nails with little to no chipping. I love this color and love that it lasts. Once I get the topcoat I’m sure it will be even better! pup loves it too:)
…my pup loves it too:)

#2 Obsession: Wet N’ Wild Mega Matte Lipstick in the color “Red Velvet”

I know this isn’t a new product, but it is new to me. I have about 4 other Mega Matte lippies and knew I would love this one as well. This color is a reddish color that is not too dark or too light. Perfect for the fall also. The matte consistency in the Wet N’ Wild line is a wearable matte. It is not drying to the lips and lasts a long time. Can’t wait to get some more. If you love matte lips and budget friendly makeup this is a must try!


#3 Obsession: Queen Helene’s Super Cholesterol and Shea Moisture Curl and Shine Conditioner

I have been loving these 2 products together as a deep conditioner for my hair. It softens and makes my hair so easy to detangle. My wash days go very smoothly because of these products. I usually add an oil like coconut or avocado oil and the mixture is perfection. Relaxed or Natural, these products are a must try!


#4 Obesession: Giant Geek glasses

Sooo yea you probably will see me in these lovlies the whole fall season. I just love these with a scarf, tights, and some boots. These glasses adds personality to any outfit while keeping it casual. Love, Love, Love. On the lookout for some different kinds.


#5 Obsessions: Revlon ColorStay Foundation for oily/combination skin

Yes, another Revlon product! I took a break from this foundation because I was using bb cream as a foundation during the summer season. I decided to go back to this and wow did I love it all over again! This is a full coverage foundation that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It covers up everything while keeping my face matte all day! Best drug store foundation that  I have ever tried! I’m in the color 400 caramel.


Last but not least…

#6 Obession: anything pumpkin spice!

The end of September means pumpkin spice season!!! I have never been into pumpkin spice during the past, but Starbucks definitely started a sensation with their pumpkin spice lattes. I add pumpkin pie spice to my homemade granola, smoothies, pancakes, coffee…anything I can get my hands on. I plan on trying out a pancake recipe with pure pumpkin filling, so be on the look out!


Check my August Obsessions if you missed it!

2014 August Obsessions!

Hello Lovelies!

Can you believe that September is already here! Omgosh this year is going by too fast, it’s kind of scary.

Anywho, I wanted to share with everyone what I’ve been loving for August. I had a long list but limited it to 5 items. Comment below if you have tried some of these products!

#1 Fav: Rue 21’s Fallen Vixen Wonderlaust

1st of all the packaging is so cute and girly…I’m a sucker for great packaging! Aren’t you??? This fragrance is very light and has a floral undertone. When I’m feeling girly, I love to spray this all over my body.

Rue 21 perfume#2 Fav: Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is so good for many things! You can use it for shaving cream. Just apply the coconut oil to your legs, shave, then use a sugar scrub. Your legs will be amazingly smooth. You can also use it as a face moisturizer. Coconut oil is truly a multitasker. This past month I used it as a cuticle oil. I applied it to my cuticles almost every night to smooth my hands. Surprisingly, it also strengthen and grew my nails out. I’ve also been adding coconut oil to my scalp to moisturize and strengthen my strands. It has been working so well! I love coconut oil! What are some ways you have used coconut oil? Comment below.


#3 Fav: Palmer’s Skin Therapy Face Oil

I researched that oil actually helps oily faces so I went to Wal-Mart in search for a face oil. This stuff works wonders! After I cleanse my face, I add my acne cream to spot treat, then add the oil right on top. In the morning my face looks clearer and brighter.

face oil

This dropper makes it so easy to apply the oil to the face.
This dropper makes it so easy to apply the oil to the face.

#4 Fav: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Skin Perfector

For the summer I wanted to start using something lighter on my face in place for foundation. In the past it was always hard for me to find a good BB cream; one that was light but also had coverage. Wow did I find all of that in this Skin Perfector. It brightens and covers all of my dark marks on my face. I love this stuff. I never feel like I’m caked up with foundation in this Texas heat and it smooths on so effortless on my face. It also has SPF 30! Awesome!

BB Creme

#5 Fav: L.A Girl Glazed Lip Paints

These are so pigmented, it is ridiculous. Love, Love, Love. If you don’t have a lip brush, you have to practice putting them on at first because they are so liquity, but once you get the hang of it they are easy to apply. I have Blushing, Hotmess, Pinup, and Coy. I got mines at a beauty supply store for $2.99. I’m hoping to get all the colors! The only con I would mention is that it dries your lips after long hours but leaves a nice stain on your lips after it comes off, which I personally love.

Rocking "Pinup" at work
Rocking “Pinup” at work

Have any of you tried any of these products? I would also like to know some of your beauty favorites!! Comment below!