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Feeling comfortable after the “Big Chop”

Happy Memorial Day Weekend lovies! My family and I will be chomping down on bbq and hot dogs today instead of tomorrow because of work. Nonetheless I am very thankful for all the people who died while protecting our country. Thank you!

It has been almost 6 months since my big chop to natural and I just want to reflect on my journey! As you know I didn’t transition. One day I spontaneously chopped my texlaxed ends off and started my natural journey. I know people always say what a reliving feeling it is but it really was. To know that you don’t have to deal with chemical burns anymore, no more new growth and dealing with putting chemicals in your head, no more hair appointments and spending money on your hair every two weeks. 

My hair was very very short when I cut it. I only had about 3 months worth of new growth to work with. To deal with feeling comfortable, I wore wigs. While this was a very easy way to go about my day, I felt the urge to sport my twa (teeny weeny Afro). I would wear it out and about when I wasn’t at work, but when it came to work I didn’t feel comfortable. One reason was because I work at a very professional environment and didn’t know how people would react. Another reason was my co workers only saw me in my long wigs. The common denominator was–I cared what other people would think.

This past week I finally  wore my own hair to work and yet another worry was lifted off my shoulder. I’m no longer caring what other people think. My hair is just that-my hair! I’m loving my short hair and will sport it as much as I can.

To feel more comfortable with my twa I…

  • Accessorize with headbands
  • Wear big earrings
  • Wear a bright lip color or makeup
  • Style my hair in a way that will stretch my coils(braid outs and twist outs)

I am very happy with the growth and how healthy my hair is. More and more people are going natural and I couldn’t be happier because I know they will experience some of the same happiness. I applaud our African American community and its versatility of our Afro hair, whether it be relaxed, texlaxed, natural, or colored.

…Oh and one other thing…I was recently featured on Healthy_Hair_Journey (a hair account on Instagram). A girl made a comment that it doesn’t seem like my hair has grown. First of all my hair was gelled down, 2nd of all I didn’t transition, I hardly had hair when I big chopped. We have to stop comparing ourselves with others. You don’t know what other people went through or where they started. We all are different people going through different journeys. I try to apply this to life in general not just hair.


The length of my hair when I big chopped
Styled with a side deep part

Twist out!
Wash N Go with finger coils
Wearing the puff at work!
3rd day twist out


3 Month Natural Hair Update | nuNAAT Product Review

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! I recently attended a natural hair event and actually won some awesome products! I have never heard of NuNAAT products, but I am excited to try these out!

Me posing at the event!


Me and the sis

Us with the lovely host, Cole Patrick from The Natural Cole.

I received their Real Me Curl-to-Coil line. This lines claims to:

  • Prevent hair breakage
  • Heals, softens, enhances shine and permeability 
  • Maintains hydration for an extended period of time
  • Moisturizes and leaves hair silky
  • Repairs dry and course hair,leaving it shiny and frizz-free
  • Ideal for curly, coils, kinky, relaxed and chemically processed hair 


Wash Day:

  1. Prepooed with a mixture of the Pick Me Up Sheen and Blast of Shine hair Mask for about an hour, then detangled my hair
  2. Shampooed and conditioned with the Lather Up & Hydrate Shampoo and Real Moisture Conditioner
  3. TShirt dried my hair and added my leave-in conditioner
  4. On 80% dried hair, massaged castor oil to my scalp and hair and did the inversion method
  5. Used the Natural Curl Activator and Perfect Do Pomade to style 


Who else has a “pamper me” day on wash days???

Quick Review: I loved the hair mask that I used for a hair treatment before I shampooed and conditioned. It left my hair very soft and it was easy for me to detangle my hair. As I washed my hair with the shampoo, I didn’t really notice anything spectacular. I would say the shampoo was average. The conditioner added moisture back into my hair. I could feel my hair getting back its moisture that the shampoo took out. I liked the curl activator and pomade. It did bring out some of my curls…well all the curls my 4c hair could formulate lol.

Pros: The products are free of sodium chloride, mineral oils, parabens, and sulfates 

Cons: Shampoo, and pomade was a little drying and the products are not all natural product.

3 Month Hair Update/Length Check

 Edit Edit  



Has anyone tried these products before???

Check out how my sister used the products and what she thought. Wash Day ft. nuNAAT pt. 1

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Where Have I Been???

Hello hunnies ! Long time no post. 

I have been super busy at work and life but I have missed blogging for sure.

I just wanted to get on here and do a quick update on random stuff.

My current favs: Almond Chia Candle from Marshalls

  Smells so good!!! I suck at describing scents; you just have to try it! I never knew what great variety of candles Marshalls have but they actually have a lot. 

I also picked up this tea from Marshalls: Saffron Tea

  It says it’s a diet tea, but I’m not using it as that. I just love the taste of it. It reminds me of cinnamon gum. I am starting to love flavored teas and this one didn’t disappoint-so comforting to end my night with this tea.

Another update is that I have started journaling. I learn so much throughout the day, hear or see some awesome quotes, or inspired by random things; I would like to write these things down and remember them. 


Quick Hair Update: My hair is growing nicely. It’s only been a little over 2 months since I big chopped, but I can feel and see the difference. I have been washing/co washing once every week and doing the inversion method one week out of the month. I am currently protective hairstyling with my very first DIY wig!



Fitness Update: I have been working out everyday. Even if it hasn’t been more than 30 min, I still make sure I do some kind of physical activity. I will admit I have been slacking on my healthy eating, but what is a journey without ups and downs?


Currently Reading: One of my 2015 goals is to start reading. I love reading but never really made time for it. It is important to me to keep learning, and to keep expanding my creativity. Books help me with that. I am current,y reading Pink Lips and Empty Hearts by Heather Lindsey. This book is an inspirational book on how to really live for God. I love it. I am definitely at a time in my life where I strive to get closer to God and it is time for that extra push. 


On My Nails

  Not the neatest but it will do for now.

What’s been up with yall???? 

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1 Month Natural Hair Update | Regimen

Hello lovelies!

I just hit my 1 month of being fully natural on February 5th. I am loving how easy it is on wash days. I want length but I am definitely cherishing the moments of my twa (teeny weeny afro) while it lasts!

Light Protein Wash Day

1st I used this Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo that I got from Walmart to wash my hair. It has keratin proteins to help strengthen my strands. I followed with a quick wash out conditioner: Ojon Hydrating Thickening Conditioner. This conditioner makes my hair sooo soft!


I then followed with my deep conditioner. I don’t know why I chose this Shea Moistures Curl Enhancing Smoothie for a deep conditioner (I must of been really sleepy). This product is mainly used as a styling product not a dc, but I guess I saw the word “protein” on it and grabbed it for a dc lol…opps. Well I smothered this on my head, along with an oil mix of lavender, olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil. I let this sit on my head for about 30 min covered with a plastic cap.


After the 30 minutes, I washed the product out and added my light protein treatment: Aphogee 2-Min Reconstructor. I left this on for about 5 minutes and washed out with cold water to retain moisture.


I ended my wash routine with a leave in conditioner; Elasta QP Anti Breakage Leave In.

FullSizeRender (1)

Lastly, I did the LOC method. Look at old post to see how I do the LOC method for moisture.

Not a tremendous amount of growth, but I can definitely tell it is getting thicker. (Hair typically grows about 0.5inches a month)
Not a tremendous amount of growth, but I can definitely tell it is getting thicker. (Hair typically grows about 0.5inches a month)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend:)

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Going Natural or Naw???

Happy Sunday Funday peeps!

While I’m enjoying this “too close for comfort” Cowboys game, I thought blogging would help calm my nerves lol.

Am I going natural or naw???…If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you would know that….yes your girl is going natural…well I’m already natural. I did the big chop!

As you know from previous post I was transitioning to texlaxed for some time, then fully texlaxed for a little while. The next step for me is to go natural. Since texlaxing my hair I always knew that eventually I would be going natural. That was my ultimate goal….who knew it would be so soon though??? I am super excited to be starting this journey and I have tons of help from the natural community. YouTube, my sister, friends, and other forums like Hairlista will be my source of help. Let the fun begin!

Cutting my hair felt so therapeutic. Even though I have to literally start all over with my hair journey, it was like a “new year, new me” kind of thing. I am not my hair. I know this journey will test my confidence, patience, and will power and I am ready for the challenge.

*I transitioned to texlaxed for about a year

*I was fully texlaxed(cut all bone straight relaxed ends) for 3 1/2 months

*I big chopped on January 5th, 2015.

I will rock my twa (teeny weeny afro) with confidence even though I’m still nervous about it. I will also still be wearing my wigs for protective styling. I’m excited about this journey and ready to see how my hair will thrive:)

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braidout (transitioning to texlax)
braidout (transitioning to texlax)
protective styling with marly twists (transitioning to texlax)
protective styling with marly twists (transitioning to texlax)
fully texlax
fully texlax
Protective styling with wigs (transitioning to texlax)
Protective styling with wigs (transitioning to texlax)
transitioning to texlax vs the big chop to fully texlax
transitioning to texlax vs the big chop to fully texlax
protective styling with braids (fully texlax)
protective styling with braids (fully texlax)
transitioning to texlax
transitioning to texlax
braid out (transitioning to texlax)
braid out (transitioning to texlax)
protective styling with a wig (transitioning to texlax)
protective styling with a wig (transitioning to texlax)
protective styling @ work (transitioning to texlax)
protective styling @ work (transitioning to texlax)
fully texlaxed vs fully natural (big chop)
fully texlaxed vs fully natural (big chop)
gelled twa (fully natural)
gelled twa (fully natural)
rocking my twa (fully natural)
rocking my twa (fully natural)


1 Month and 2 Weeks Post Relaxer/Hair Update

Hello loves!

I recently took down my braids and decided to rock my hair for awhile until my next protective style. Check out my sister’s new YouTube channel, Amber Kinks_Galore_ ,  to see exactly how I treated and styled my hair.

Be sure to like and subscribe to her channel! She is new to the YouTube world and would love your support!

Have a lovely Tuesday,


Different Protective Hairstyles and Hair Update

Hola chicas!

I just wanted to share some of the different protective hairstyles I have had.
Protective Hairstyling simply means tucking your ends or doing low manipulation hairstyles in order for you to retain your length. Wether it’s wearing wigs, doing twist and braid outs, buns, or braids, protective hairstyling is a vital part in my healthy hair journey.
I use protective hairstyles 99% of the time. I would like to think I’m the queen of protective hairstyling lol.


From left to right:
Marly Hair bun and bang, long straight wig, goddess tuck, box braids, Marly hair giant bun, marly hair low sleek bun, curly bob wig, wig with bangs, twist out

Hair Update!

I recently cut off all my bone straight relaxed ends. I am now fully Texlaxed and loving it! Even though my hair is shorter, I know it will grow faster and I will be able to retain my length. Below is a picture of my hair in a flat twist out.
Here is a texture shot of my texlaxed hair

And here is a texture shot of my hair semi wet


Follow me on for more pictures and information on growing long healthy hair.

Deuces and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!