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#GRWM: Girls Night Out

I’m finally back in action! New phone on deck and ready to post new blogs!

Follow me while I get fierce for a night out with the ladies!

On clean, moisturized face, I applied my primer, filled in my eyebrows, and applied my foundation.

For my eyes I first applied a base to my eyelids so that my eyeshadow would stay for the whole night.

I wet my eyeshadow brush and pressed into the bright teal color shown by the arrow in the picture below.


I then added the black color on my outer lid located adjacent to the teal color in the palette. I used a blending brush to blend any harsh edges.

Next, I wet my brush again in added the circled sprinkle eyeshadow on top of the real color. I used a patting motion to really pack the sprinkles on!…Don’t forget that winged out jet black eyeliner!

Lips: Wet N Wild Matte lipstick in the color “Mochalicious”

FullSizeRender (1)

Nails:   FullSizeRender (3)

Outfit details:

  • Black Lace Bandeau Bra (you can get anywhere)
  • Black Skirt with raised detail ($5.99 from Ross)
  • Black wedges (forgot where I purchased)
  • Gold jewelry

FullSizeRender (2)

My twin sister and I
My twin sister and I

IMG_2095 (1)