Feeling comfortable after the “Big Chop”

Happy Memorial Day Weekend lovies! My family and I will be chomping down on bbq and hot dogs today instead of tomorrow because of work. Nonetheless I am very thankful for all the people who died while protecting our country. Thank you!

It has been almost 6 months since my big chop to natural and I just want to reflect on my journey! As you know I didn’t transition. One day I spontaneously chopped my texlaxed ends off and started my natural journey. I know people always say what a reliving feeling it is but it really was. To know that you don’t have to deal with chemical burns anymore, no more new growth and dealing with putting chemicals in your head, no more hair appointments and spending money on your hair every two weeks. 

My hair was very very short when I cut it. I only had about 3 months worth of new growth to work with. To deal with feeling comfortable, I wore wigs. While this was a very easy way to go about my day, I felt the urge to sport my twa (teeny weeny Afro). I would wear it out and about when I wasn’t at work, but when it came to work I didn’t feel comfortable. One reason was because I work at a very professional environment and didn’t know how people would react. Another reason was my co workers only saw me in my long wigs. The common denominator was–I cared what other people would think.

This past week I finally  wore my own hair to work and yet another worry was lifted off my shoulder. I’m no longer caring what other people think. My hair is just that-my hair! I’m loving my short hair and will sport it as much as I can.

To feel more comfortable with my twa I…

  • Accessorize with headbands
  • Wear big earrings
  • Wear a bright lip color or makeup
  • Style my hair in a way that will stretch my coils(braid outs and twist outs)

I am very happy with the growth and how healthy my hair is. More and more people are going natural and I couldn’t be happier because I know they will experience some of the same happiness. I applaud our African American community and its versatility of our Afro hair, whether it be relaxed, texlaxed, natural, or colored.

…Oh and one other thing…I was recently featured on Healthy_Hair_Journey (a hair account on Instagram). A girl made a comment that it doesn’t seem like my hair has grown. First of all my hair was gelled down, 2nd of all I didn’t transition, I hardly had hair when I big chopped. We have to stop comparing ourselves with others. You don’t know what other people went through or where they started. We all are different people going through different journeys. I try to apply this to life in general not just hair.


The length of my hair when I big chopped
Styled with a side deep part

Twist out!
Wash N Go with finger coils
Wearing the puff at work!
3rd day twist out


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