SHOW OWT: Let Your Character Define Your Letters, Not Your Letters Define Your Character


When I first looked into Greek life, I didn’t know anything about Zeta. Anyone in my family who had joined a sorority pledged their allegiance to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Being split between my family legacy and my Delta mentors, I thought I only had two choices. Yes, TWO. I’ve always been a little hard headed and one to go against the grain, therefore, AKA was not the ONLY way…for me.

During my years at the University of North Texas, and a short stint at University of Houston-Downtown, the NPHC Greeks were very prevalent. However, Zetas and Sigmas stood out among the rest. Did they have swarms of members dominating the yard? Nah. Did they have the most popular events on campus? Not quite. They were great though. Did they wear blue and white everywhere they went? Nope, not necessarily. Well, what made them stand out? I’m glad you…

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