Thrifty Finds Lookbook | April 2015

Sooooo recently there was a 50% off sale at the Thrift Store!!!…yes a sale at the thrift store! Gahhh I was excited lol.


oversized flannel button down $2.00

…As you can see I was into the flannels… 


oversized flannel $2.50

blue jean jacket $3.50
button down shirt $2.00
red oversized cartigan $2.00
Bonus Buy From Dollar Tree:


Summer Hat $1.00


#DallasGoodEats | April 2015

Hello lovelies!

I’ve totally been slacking on writing blog posts…sad day 😦 

But April has been filled with delicious Dallas finds:) First up…SouthPaw’s Organic Grill.

…for the health conscious. Located in Uptown: 3227 McKinney Ave Dallas, Tx. Combined with their organic and natural foods, no added sugars, syrups, nitrates, or preservatives, and patio seating, SouthPaw’s is a great spot to grab lunch. I had the Pavo Guacamole Wrap which has turkey, Swiss cheese, mixed greens, tomatoes, and spicy guacamole. Delish!

Next, for the not so health conscious… Funnel Cake Paradise, located 4353 Ln Dallas, Tx.

Ever had a craving for carnival food???…now you do not have to wait till the fair opens. Funnel Cake Paradise has an array of delicious funnel cake flavors (cherry, turtle chocolate caramel, powered sugar, caramel apple, strawberry banana, chocolate dream, and cookies and cream). They also have other carnival classics like frito pies, chili cheese fries, nachos, and corn dogs. My sis and I shared the turtle chocolate caramel with a scoop of vanilla ice cream…can you say yummy!!! And even better it is a black owned business.

Another “black owned business” is Sweet Georgia Brown. I’ve heard so many great things about this place that I had to try it for myself. It definitely did not disappoint. Located 2840 Ledbetter Dr Dallas, Tx. If you are looking for that “stick to your bones” after church soul food, look no further! Be prepared to stand in a long line, but also be prepared eat some really good food. They are very generous with their portions so please come on an empty stomach. My sis and I shared baked smothered chicken, macaroni and cheese, cabbage, cornbread, and peach cobbler. That is all we could eat for the entire day and we shared! How ridiculous is that!? 


Oddfellows  is located in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas. 316 7th St Dallas, Tx. We went on a sunny midweek day. If you didn’t know I LOVE BRUNCH FOOD! Oddfellows has a rustic coffee house feel. So bright and cheery! Beignets for breakfast, don’t mind if I do!:)

Last but definitely not least, Rudys Chicken. Here’s another place that has a huge Dallas following. Located in Oak Cliff, Rudys is a Dallas staple. I do think it is hyped up, but it is still delicious! 

My sis and I eat healthy throughout the week, so we like to go out and enjoy ourselves every once in awhile. I have been loving these new Dallas finds, its like an adventure to us; exploring our city for the next great restaurant. It’s like we are tourist in our own city:) 

What have u been eating in your city???

3 Month Natural Hair Update | nuNAAT Product Review

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! I recently attended a natural hair event and actually won some awesome products! I have never heard of NuNAAT products, but I am excited to try these out!

Me posing at the event!


Me and the sis

Us with the lovely host, Cole Patrick from The Natural Cole.

I received their Real Me Curl-to-Coil line. This lines claims to:

  • Prevent hair breakage
  • Heals, softens, enhances shine and permeability 
  • Maintains hydration for an extended period of time
  • Moisturizes and leaves hair silky
  • Repairs dry and course hair,leaving it shiny and frizz-free
  • Ideal for curly, coils, kinky, relaxed and chemically processed hair 


Wash Day:

  1. Prepooed with a mixture of the Pick Me Up Sheen and Blast of Shine hair Mask for about an hour, then detangled my hair
  2. Shampooed and conditioned with the Lather Up & Hydrate Shampoo and Real Moisture Conditioner
  3. TShirt dried my hair and added my leave-in conditioner
  4. On 80% dried hair, massaged castor oil to my scalp and hair and did the inversion method
  5. Used the Natural Curl Activator and Perfect Do Pomade to style 


Who else has a “pamper me” day on wash days???

Quick Review: I loved the hair mask that I used for a hair treatment before I shampooed and conditioned. It left my hair very soft and it was easy for me to detangle my hair. As I washed my hair with the shampoo, I didn’t really notice anything spectacular. I would say the shampoo was average. The conditioner added moisture back into my hair. I could feel my hair getting back its moisture that the shampoo took out. I liked the curl activator and pomade. It did bring out some of my curls…well all the curls my 4c hair could formulate lol.

Pros: The products are free of sodium chloride, mineral oils, parabens, and sulfates 

Cons: Shampoo, and pomade was a little drying and the products are not all natural product.

3 Month Hair Update/Length Check

 Edit Edit  



Has anyone tried these products before???

Check out how my sister used the products and what she thought. Wash Day ft. nuNAAT pt. 1

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SHOW OWT: Let Your Character Define Your Letters, Not Your Letters Define Your Character


When I first looked into Greek life, I didn’t know anything about Zeta. Anyone in my family who had joined a sorority pledged their allegiance to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Being split between my family legacy and my Delta mentors, I thought I only had two choices. Yes, TWO. I’ve always been a little hard headed and one to go against the grain, therefore, AKA was not the ONLY way…for me.

During my years at the University of North Texas, and a short stint at University of Houston-Downtown, the NPHC Greeks were very prevalent. However, Zetas and Sigmas stood out among the rest. Did they have swarms of members dominating the yard? Nah. Did they have the most popular events on campus? Not quite. They were great though. Did they wear blue and white everywhere they went? Nope, not necessarily. Well, what made them stand out? I’m glad you…

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Being Superwoman

Late night  thoughts…

I recently just finished reading Pink Lips & Empty Hearts. What a great book! I am now starting a new journey on growing closer to God and really living in a way that is not of this world but uplifting Him in all that I do. This post is inspired by one of the chapters in the book.

Being a woman can get hard sometimes. We want to be involved in EVERYTHING. “Superwoman Complex” is what I call it. We may want to climb the ladder at work, start our own business, lead the family, be involved in the community, pursue higher education and so on and so on….

At times it can get overwhelming, but in order to be involved while putting your best foot forward, you need take a step back and re-energize. Below are things that has really helped me get over that overwhelming, overworked, tired, stressed out, and out of balanced feeling.

  1. Pray Seriously, praying and talking to God has really gotten me through rough times. Call on Him, tell Him how you feel, and don’t be afraid to tell Him what you want. Often times we get so involved in work or a project that we forget the #1 reason we are here on this earth; that is to serve and uplift God. Venting to God, raw and un-cut is not a bad thing.
  2. Learn to say ‘no’ Yes, we are superwoman, but sometimes we need to learn to say no. In order to put your best foot forward, you may not be able to do EVERYTHING. Learn to turn down some projects.
  3. Exercise Exercising is known to release endorphins which releases stress. Take some time to care for yourself. When I exercise I am focused on the exercise that I am doing, not the million things I have to get done that day. 
  4. Me time go shopping, have a spa day, cook…do anything other than the work that is stressing you. I personally have a pamper me day where i wash my hair, put a face mask on, light candles, and paint my nails. So relaxing. I also like to get out the house for a bit. I go to the Dollar Tree, CVS, or the thrift store–somewhere where I won’t spend a ton of money but where I can spend a little on myself.
  5. Cry sometimes all you need to do is cry it out. After I have a cry session and talk to God(remind yourself that God is leading you) I honestly feel renewed and ready to conquer whatever I need to do.

I don’t know about you, but I want to always put my best foot forward and be the best I can be. Sometimes we just need to take a step backwards, breathe, and take some time out for ourselves. 

What are some things that you guys do to re-energize???

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