Whole 30 | Last Week Update and Thoughts/Results

Hello lovelies ❤

It has been about 30 days since starting the Whole 30 challenge and I have learned a lot!

Although this last week was a fail, I am going to continue incorporating the things I ate and learned from this challenge. This last week was a struggle, not because I had cravings, or couldn’t stick to it, but because of the weather. Surprisingly, Texas had ice days and snow days. I work at a hotel and hotels don’t get “snow days.” We have to be at work regardless. I ended up having to spend the night at the hotel 3 nights out of the week with no food prep items or healthy snacks with me. Sad day:(

“Non-Scale Victories”

  • Bloating went down tremendously
  • Learned what to look for in restaurant menus when trying to eat healthy
  • Gained a deeper appreciation of trying new vegetables and foods
  • Learned how to cook with alternative ingredients like coconut oil for butter or sweetening things, coconut milk to add creaminess, cashews and almonds instead of peanuts
  • Definition of muscles deepened
  • Menstrual Cycle shortened; minimum to no menstrual pain
  • Clear skin

Above are some of the things I experienced during the Whole 30 challenge. I weighed myself just once during the entire 30 days because losing weight was not my goal. I will say I did experience weight loss during the challenge. Pinterest and searching for the whole30 hashtag on Instagram really helped me get through this challenge.

If you want to step up your fitness/healthy lifestyle, I recommend doing this Whole 30 challenge and incorporating all the things you learn to your everyday. Visit Whole 30 to learn more about the Whole 30 challenge. Living a healthy lifestyle is an everyday learning experience. You will have your ups and downs but overcoming the downs is what keeps me going.

Stay healthy! Your body will thank you!


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