#DallasGoodEats | Elaine’s Jamaican Kitchen

Guys! Let me tell you about this place!

It is located on 2717 Martin Luther King Junior Blvd Dallas, TX in South Dallas. The location isn’t the greatest, but the food is AMAZING. My sister and I went on a Saturday because we are trying to try different cuisines and let me tell you…Elaine’s is the truth! We never had Caribbean food before and I’m glad our first taste was here-right in our own city.

This is what they call a “large” plate….suppose to be for ONE person…crazy

We had the oxtails with curry chicken, brown rice, cabbage, and hot water cornbread. We thought sharing would be the perfect amount for lunch, but boy were we surprised. You get soooo much food even when we shared a large plate. Never had oxtails before, but they were succulent and tender. Everything was very flavorful and the environment inside of the building was cool and laid back.


I wanted to try everything on the menu, especially their patties! I saw great reviews for their patties on Yelp, so we will definitely be coming back…after we burn these 1,000 calories we just ate lol.

A must try if you live in the Dallas area.


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