Do I See Myself As Others See Me?

Something I wanted to get off my chest…

Often times I sit in the mirror sucking in my stomach, critiquing my body, examining my face. I can get so caught up in the superficial things of life and wander why some days I feel low.

I think we all can get that way sometimes, but the time to stop that way of thinking is NOW.

Do I see myself as others see me?…who cares what others think??? Keep striving to be the best person you can be. Do you!

No more will I compare myself with others.

I am perfect being not perfect. No one is perfect. Everyone wishes they had something bigger, better and the matter of it all is that we are all perfect just being who we are now. Love yourself in the now! Of course we can work on good eating habits, work on building skills, or improve on being a better person, but don’t fault yourself in how you are right at this moment.

Change the way you think about yourself with the change of the new year while the hype of change is still in the air.

I will eat that cupcake without regret.

I will be fine with treating myself every now and then.

I will love who I’m looking at in the mirror.

2015 will be the year I except me and my flaws. The year of loving myself and knowing I offer more to the world than I think I do.

I am perfect how am now.


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