Everyday Essentials: What’s in My Bag?

I hope everyone is having a TERRIFIC Tuesday!

I finally finished all of my Thanksgiving leftovers yesterday, so today I go back to eating healthy and couldn’t be happier. It’s amazing how I get tired of eating unhealthy now that I have started living this healthy lifestyle! I started off my morning with a refreshing green smoothie!


I always love looking at “What’s in My Bag” videos on YouTube, so I decided to do a blog post of my own. These are all the things I must have with me everyday. I get paranoid if I don’t have them lol.



Wallet: I don’t think anyone could go without a wallet. It is filled with important stuff that we need everyday. Mine is this purple (my fave color), crocodile embellished wallet.

Mason Jar: I carry this mason jar filled with water everywhere so that I can ensure I am drinking enough water throughout the day. Of course its purple:)

Hand Lotion: Who else’s hands get super dry during the fall/winter season??? Seems like I have to put this on every hour. It gets real!

Wipes: You never know what you’ll need wipes for so I keep these with me. I use these everyday, fragrance free wipes for my hands, face, and we are all grown ups, right?…My who-ha…gotta stay clean!

Altoids or Gum: I like to put a mint in my mouth after I eat lunch. It’s kinda a habit now. Just know my breath is always on point! lol

Roller Ball Perfume: Right now I’m rocking Betsey Johnsons fragrance in “Too Too.”

Hand Sanitizer: Like I said, gotta stay clean! I don’t like germs or getting sick.

Bobby Pins: I change my hair at different points of the day some days(Sometimes I just don’t be feeling a style so I gotta switch it up). Bobby pins really come in handy.

Lip Gloss or Lip Balm: I keep nude lip glosses in my bag like the Elf lip gloss or NYX shown above . It goes with everything and I also keep Baby Lips Dr. Rescue “Soothing Sorbet.” This also goes with everything while adding a light berry tint to my lips.

Mascara: I just need mascara on at all times. Maybelline’s Great Lash is my all time fav.

Emery Board and Clippers: Don’t you hate when you break a nail in the middle of the day and you have no way to file it down?

Snack: Since being on a healthy journey, my metabolism has sky rocketed, so I need a snack with me at all times. Having a healthy snack on me helps me not to go to the unhealthy vending machine. I usually go with a trail mix or fruit, something that is easily packable.

Do you have some of the same essentials? What’s in your everyday bag?

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