Dollar Tree DIY: Storage/Organization

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I’ve been on this organization/decorating high for a couple of weeks now. I recently went to the dollar tree and saw a lot of things I could do a diy with.

I picked up different size glasses, some letter stickers, a few ornaments, some fake flowers, pencil holders and some black sand. I thought all of these things would be great for organizing my makeup on my vanity and also for decorating for the holidays.

Dollar Tree DIY #1: Vanity Centerpiece


I had the above vase already. I just added the fake flowers that I got from the Dollar Tree. I put some jumbo eye pencils around the flower and also any other makeup that was just laying around. The flower vase added a feminine touch to the vanity while also acting as storage.

Dollar Tree DIY #2: Makeup Storage(lip pencils)


I saw these pencil holders in the office section of the store. They work perfectly for storing my lip pencils.

Dollar Tree DIY #3: Makeup Brushes Holder


They have all different shapes of glasses at the dollar tree. This one was perfect for makeup brushes. I added the black sand and stuck all my brushes upright. I also added the stickers to decorate the holder.

Dollar Tree DIY #4: Holiday Vase

We don’t usually get a Christmas tree anymore for the holidays but I still like to decorate for the season. The Dollar Tree has tons of stuff for Christmas and it’s great if you are on a budget!


I purchased the tall glass vases, the ornaments, and flowers to make these holiday vases.

Below are pictures of my vanity. I still want to pick up more things for organization, but it is beginning to look more organized with the help of Dollar Tree.







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