Different Protective Hairstyles and Hair Update

Hola chicas!

I just wanted to share some of the different protective hairstyles I have had.
Protective Hairstyling simply means tucking your ends or doing low manipulation hairstyles in order for you to retain your length. Wether it’s wearing wigs, doing twist and braid outs, buns, or braids, protective hairstyling is a vital part in my healthy hair journey.
I use protective hairstyles 99% of the time. I would like to think I’m the queen of protective hairstyling lol.


From left to right:
Marly Hair bun and bang, long straight wig, goddess tuck, box braids, Marly hair giant bun, marly hair low sleek bun, curly bob wig, wig with bangs, twist out

Hair Update!

I recently cut off all my bone straight relaxed ends. I am now fully Texlaxed and loving it! Even though my hair is shorter, I know it will grow faster and I will be able to retain my length. Below is a picture of my hair in a flat twist out.
Here is a texture shot of my texlaxed hair

And here is a texture shot of my hair semi wet


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Deuces and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!


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