What I Eat in a Day

This post is a sample of what I eat on a daily basis. Hopefully it will give you some ideas on healthy meals.


1. Breakfast: Homemade Banana/Strawberry Oat Muffins

2. Lunch: Brown Rice, avacado, baby tomatoes, and onion with a slice of whole wheat bread, grapes, and a small piece of dark chocolate

3. Snack: handful of mixed nuts

4. Dinner: cilantro crusted chicken with mixed vegetables sprinkled with a little bit of parmesan cheese

5. Dessert Snack: peanut butter and bananas

The trick to eating healthy is not to deprive yourself of food. Make your meals flavorful. Eat a small amount of chocolate (dark chocolate is good for you in moderation). Eat healthy fats like avocado and peanut butter. Eating healthy becomes easier and easier as time goes by, you just have to make up your mind that you will stick to it!

What are some of the healthy things you eat? I would love to get more ideas!


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