Mini Ross/CVS/WalMart Haul

Hello lovely people!

I hope your week started off fantastic! This will be a quick post. I did a few purchases at Ross, CVS, and Wal Mart last Friday and wanted to share with you guys!

First off I have been revamping my wardrobe, slowly but surely. I was in Ross in search for a blazer, pencil skirt, and basics. I found two amazing skirts that fit me like a glove and a basic black t-shirt.




While I was in line, I spotted these healthy snacks. Who else gets tricked into buying extra stuff while standing in line from the counter/line displays??? Lol


I saw on Instagram that CVS was having a sale on Wet n Wild products, so you know I had to see what they had! I ended up picking a matte lipstick in the color ‘Sugar Plum Fairy.’ I also ended up in the NYX section because they too was having a sale. I got a soft matte lip cream in the color ‘Abu Dhabi’ and a deep plum lip liner.



As I was doing my grocery shopping for the week at Wal Mart, I headed over to the breast cancer display they had. I ended up with this adorable beanie.


***bonus buy: I bought these “geek-chic” glasses as I call it at a beauty supply store across the street from my Wal Mart.


Until next time,


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