“Wiggin It”

Sooo you probably could tell I was off today since this is my 3rd post of the day lol….

I just have so much to tell you guys!

I wear a protective style 99% of the time. Whether it is putting my hair in a bun, marley twists, marley bun, or wig–anything to tuck my ends away! Well this coming fall/winter I have decided I will be wearing either wigs or braids/twists to let my hair grow. (since I just cut all my hair off 🙂 see previous post!) I bought 2 wigs today. I only have a picture of one of them but will update my blog once I start wearing the other one. Here is the 1st one I am going to wear.

wigI am not ashamed to say I wear wigs. It is a great protective hairstyle because I still can moisturize my hair underneath plus I like to change up my hair all the time. I love wigs!


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