2nd Week Update/Meals: 30 Day Paleo Challenge

Well hello there! It is the 2nd week of me starting the paleo diet. It has been hard to say the least. Unfortunately the cravings have increased. Below I have listed the meals I have eaten all week.

Breakfast: 2 egg muffins

egg muffin

Lunch: chicken salad with a side of fruit

chicken salad

Dinner: tilapia with a side of veggies (no picture, sorry forgot to take one)

If I got hungry in between meals I would eat either raisins or carrots/banana with almond butter.

I will admit I cheated 2 days out of the week. On Wednesday my job had an employee rally. Of course they only had fatty foods, sigh. They had pizza, hot dogs, and popcorn. I had it all. I told you the cravings got real.

Remember when I told you I go to a new place to eat once out of the week…well I don’t think I’m going to change that even throughout this Paleo Challenge. My sisters and I went to Village Burger Bar and enjoyed a nice juicy burger lol. (Review coming right after this post!)

All and all this week went by ok with 2 cheat days. Bloating still was at a minimum even with the cheat days which is awesome!

Comment below if you would like the recipes. They are super easy and only require a small amount of ingredients.

Comment below if you would like the recipe for the egg muffins or chicken for the chicken salad.



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