Bantu Knot Out: Curls for the Girls!

Quick hair update: I have been transitioning to texlax for a little over 6 months. Texlax is simply a healthier way of relaxing your hair. You leave the relaxer on your hair for shorter time compared to the time you would leave it on if you wanted it bone straight. The result is thicker, healthier hair. Comment below if you would like me to go into more detail on texlax hair! Below is a texture shot of my transitioning hair. (Its kinda like I’m transitioning to natural…eek…but I’m not…not yet anyway!)

6 months post relaxer
6 months post relaxer

Ok, ok this post is named “Curls for the Girls” for a reason! I do not use heat on my hair, so to get curls I have to manipulate my hair a little. After I took down my marley twists that I had in for a month, I pampered my hair and put bantu knots in.

How To: Make sure you wash your hair and deep condition. On 75% damp hair, grab a small section similar to the pic, seal with an oil, and detangle. (I spritz a little water to moisturize, sealed with coconut oil and my shea butter mixture, and detangled with a wide tooth comb) Next, twist the hair along the length of you hair and wrap. You should be left with a donut shape. Below is how your bantu knots should turn out.

Bantu Knots
Bantu Knots

…Sleepy time(go to sleep with them in)….put a little oil on your hands to take the bantu knots down. The oil will help with friz. photo(17)Separate each section to your desire….and whoolah, you have curls using NO heat! This should last me for about a week before my next wash day!

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 Comparison
Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 Comparison

For more info on texlax hair, hair tutorials, hair products or more, comment below!



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