Fit Chick 101

Hello again! I am really getting the hang of this blogging thing! I have so many ideas and posts in store for you all, so stay tuned!

This post is about something I have been passionate about for some time…living a healthy lifestyle! I started my journey right after graduating from college–so about a year or so ago. While in college I would workout every now and then, but I never ate the right things to really call it living a healthy lifestyle. Below I have listed some things that has really helped me stick to this lifestyle change. I hope this post will encourage you to start your journey!

#1: Don’t Diet!

Diets never stick. You must think of this journey as a lifestyle change, something you will incorporate into your entire life. This will ultimately change your way of thinking. If you are working out and eating healthy just for one particular time of year (i.e summer) it most likely will not stick. Really think about being healthy rather than trying to be “summer time fine.”

#2: Don’t Compare Yourself to Other People!

In reality, this is a rule for everything! Comparing yourself to other people is stressful, time consuming, and reckless. It will cause you to give up. Truthfully, it is hard to not compare yourself to others, especially because people are always showing off on all the social media outlets. (Tip: when I feel like I am comparing myself too much, I go on a social media fast)

#3: Remember Why You Started!

I’m not going to lie, sometimes it gets hard and you will want to quit. When this happens remember why you started! Remember the healthy benefits. Remember how you felt before you started. Compare yourself to before you started your fitness journey to when you are on your journey. Believe me, how you feel during your journey will always win!

#4: Have a Support Group!

Start your journey with a group of friends. They will become your accountability partner and will talk sense into you whenever you are struggling. Even if you do not have friends who want to start a fitness journey, there are other avenues to get support. I personally use this app called PumpUp. It has giving me soooo much motivation and you have a support team from around the world! (Follow me on PumpUp: sosweet_ash)

#5: Have Fun!

Being on a fitness/healthy journey is fun! Food prepping, exercising, meeting new people who share the same interests as you, getting new fitness gear is awesome! Remember don’t just diet–make this a lifestyle change and it will become fun.

I really do hope this post resonates with you all and that you are motivated. You don’t have to start a journey on New Years, start now! You also do not have to change everything in your life immediately. Working out at least once a week compared to not working out at all is a start. Choosing healthier choices when you eat out is a start.

Love you all and until next time…



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