#DallasGoodEats: Jonathon’s

Hello lovlies!…of course my 1st official post is about food! I love my Triple D and to showcase my passion for the city, my sister and I go out on the town in hopes of finding great food once a week. I love when we can find “hole in the wall ” places to satisfy the foodie in me. Today’s Sunday Funday consisted of us visiting a place called Jonathon’s. It is a small establishment in Oak Cliff serving breakfast and brunch.photo 4(1)Look how small this place is!! It is a small house which has limited seats, so anticipate a line! I wish I would have gotten a picture of how many people were there, but it is worth the wait! (Our wait was about 45 min)

We saw a lot of food coming out while we were waiting and I’m not over exaggerating but all the food looked amazing! Even though everything looked tempting, we already knew what we were going to get…The Kure!the kure It is a mound of eggs, cheese, potatoes, sausage, and jalapeno biscuit. As you can see you get a ton of food! We had to take half to go of course. Very tasty and I definitely would get it again. The price for this deliciousness was $12.

Apparently Jonathon’s is known for their chicken and waffles. photo 1 I will try this the next time I visit. Looks good!!!

I want to encourage you to go out and explore your city (at lease once a week). It is very liberating as oppose to going through your regular weekly routine In my case, my exploration is finding good food! Enjoy the rest of my pictures and until next time….

Deuces 🙂

photo 2photo 3photo 5photo



3 thoughts on “#DallasGoodEats: Jonathon’s”

  1. Thanks for the nice entry – what a great idea for a blog. I’ve never heard of Johnathon’s – but I’m going to have to try it out. Always up for some chicken and waffles.

    Thanks for sharing.


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